Not all transport services were created equal.

What makes DMJ Transport the better way to travel? We know there are a wide range of long-distance travel options out there for you to choose from, with maybe a few of the bells and whistles and fancy frills. But few of them really offer you the entire package in terms of safety, convenience, comfort and affordability.

We believe the price you pay should always be within a reasonable range and your comfort should never be comprised. Our meticulously maintained Swedish coaches, professional coach operators, approachable hostesses and top-class customer service allow you to travel in comfort with the confidence that you will arrive safely.

Our Mission

From our humble homes in the Eastern and Western Cape provinces, we connect people to their desired destinations. Our transportation company provides scheduled service and group travel services upon request. We earn our customers’ trust by understanding what they value and require when travelling with us and we strive to provide service that exceeds their expectations. READ MORE