Founded in 1989, DMJ Transport started providing services to commuters in and around Cape Town. The company was formally registered in 1996 and still remains an independent, family-owned business.

The company prides itself for providing daily, reliable and efficient services between the Eastern Cape and Western Cape as well as between the Eastern Cape and Gauteng. Moreover, passengers are conveyed at a reasonable fare without compromising their safety or comfort using a fleet of the very latest coaches.

Since its establishment, the company quickly progressed from operating with one taxi to three 60-seater coaches and thereafter soon grew to the current fleet that you see today.

Our Mission

From our humble homes in the Eastern and Western Cape provinces, we connect people to their desired destinations. Our transportation company provides scheduled service and group travel services upon request. We earn our customers’ trust by understanding what they value and require when travelling with us and we strive to provide service that exceeds their expectations.

Our Values

DMJ Transport is regulated in accordance with the values listed below:

  • Passenger safety is our fundamental priority.
  • We strive to ensure that our business is consistently conducted with transparency and integrity.
  • Our respect for the dignity of every individual is demonstrated in our conduct and reflected in our intentions.
  • Great ideas are derived from our daily experiences as well as the passengers we serve.
  • Good humour, kindness and goodwill make our interactions richer.

Our Team

Our team is made up of over 60 enthusiastic individuals in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces. We have been privileged to assist hundreds of commuters in reaching their intended destinations soundly. We credit our strength and endurance to a consistent approach of allowing all team members to play an integral role within the functioning of the company.