Only the best of the best

The luxury coach sector in South Africa has an excellent safety record underpinned by regulatory standards and operating procedures as recognised by SABOA. The safety record of this sector is therefore comparable to the best in the world.

DMJ Transport adheres to all the stringent conditions applied by SABOA as used in the selection of companies to operate transport services. Safety is the number one issue in these policies and in many cases DMJ Transport surpasses the standard set.

Since safety is the main fundamental priority, DMJ Transport consistently implements comprehensive safety awareness and training sessions for its team members.

  • Our training programme is one of the most extensive in the industry as all our bus operators are equipped with basic mechanical skills. Each newly hired operator receives an extended vehicle training session. In addition, the new operator is paired with a veteran driver for an extended period to gain further experience.
  • Our coach operators obey the speed limit as our entire fleet is monitored by the latest and most advanced fleet management software. In addition to this all our vehicles are speed governed.
  • Two coach operators are used at any given time. We adhere to the regulations regarding the maximum time of shifts to ensure passenger safety.
  • A 24-hour emergency contact number is available to all our coach operators.
  • Our company enjoys a strong safety record not just in response to South African regulations, but because our customers have set our standards. They have come to expect an unparalleled quality travel experience with us. Loyal customers appreciate our standards and contribute to our future growth.
  • Underpinning our impressive safety record is our use of the Volvo coach line recognised as one of the world’s safest vehicle manufacturers.