Tickets & Pricing Terms

How We Operate

Boarding generally commences 30 minutes prior to the stipulated departure time. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. A coach will not be delayed to accommodate late passengers. Please arrive at the coach stop location at least 30 minutes prior to departure. At major locations, i.e. Cape Town and Park stations, it may be necessary to arrive an hour prior to departure. Most coaches make intermediate stops to collect additional passengers en route to their destinations. Moreover, the coaches make refreshment stops every few hours. When collecting passengers en route, particularly at refreshment stops, continuing passengers who had de-boarded for refreshments or stretching are offered priority to re-board. Some journeys are scheduled to commence in the afternoon and this allows passengers to enjoy the scenery through wide panoramic windows. In the evenings, customers get to unwind in reclining seats with reduced interior lighting and the interior temperature is adjusted accordingly. When DMJ Transport fills a regularly scheduled coach with passengers during times of peak demand, a plan is executed for additional coaches to accommodate passengers beyond the seating capacity of a single coach for any given schedule. However, our ability to do this is also determined by the availability of the coaches, coach operators and the number of passengers.

Ticket Purchases and Stop Locations

DMJ Transport offers ticket sales to over 26 destinations within Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Gauteng provinces.

Note: No ticket purchases are possible at the coach prior to boarding. Please go to a DMJ sales outlet for ticket purchases or visit the DMJ Website to make a purchase. DMJ Transport strives to accommodate all passengers with disabilities or special needs. To arrange for travel assistance, please inform the hostess prior to the commencement of the journey.

Ticket Sales Channels

Ticket purchases are available at the following locations:

  • Selected SPAR stores
  • Selected Shoprite stores
  • Selected Edgars stores
  • Computicket
  • DMJ Transport Sales Offices
    • Cape Town
    • Johannesburg
    • Pretoria
    • Queenstown
    • Mount Frere
Standard Discounts

Pensioner – 2%
Student – 2%
Child (Aged 6 to 12) – 6.5%
Child (Aged 3┬áto 5) – 10%
Infant (On lap) – Free

All bookings through – 5%

Terms & Conditions

Click here to view the Terms & Conditions as a PDF document.

1. Boarding

1.1. Passengers must produce an email confirmation, remote reference or ticket number along with positive identification upon boarding.
1.2. The passenger, by accepting and using the ticket, confirms that he/she has been given an opportunity to read and understand the terms and conditions and that he/she is aware of all the terms.
1.3. DMJ TRANSPORT reserves the right to inspect the ticket, travel documents, luggage, goods, packages and parcels of any passenger at boarding and at any point on route.
1.4. DMJ TRANSPORT reserves the right to refuse to transport or continue to transport, any passenger(s) or their luggage or goods provided that such refusal shall not result in any unfair discrimination.
1.5. Smoking and the use of alcohol or drugs on any DMJ TRANSPORT vehicle are prohibited and forbidden by law and shall not be allowed on DMJ TRANSPORT`s vehicles. DMJ TRANSPORT reserves the right not to transport any passenger who enters any DMJ TRANSPORT vehicle whilst intoxicated and not continue to transport any passenger performing the above mentioned on transit.
1.6. Fares are subject to fluctuation without prior notice from DMJ TRANSPORT. Prices are valid only at the time the quotation is provided.
1.7. Should you have a complaints in respect of DMJ TRANSPORT, you should inform DMJ TRANSPORT as soon as possible, during or after the incident. DMJ TRANSPORT will not consider any complaints raised more than 2 days after the incident.
1.8. Pregnancy terms: Passengers beyond 30 weeks of pregnancy will not be allowed to board. Passengers beyond 28 weeks of pregnancy will be required to provide a medical certificate confirming their fitness to travel.
1.9. Passengers with special needs, including passengers with medical conditions and disabilities, are required to inform DMJ TRANSPORT before purchasing a ticket.
1.10. Passengers requiring a wheelchair are advised to consult with DMJ TRANSPORT before purchasing a ticket.
1.11. Passengers with any medical condition, whether chronic or not, are advised to consult a medical practitioner prior to departure.
1.12. If any DMJ Transport staff has any reasonable suspicion that a passenger is unwell in any form, they reserve the right to not allow that passenger to board the bus.
1.13. It is mandatory for all passengers to wearing a seat belt on all DMJ TRANSPORT vehicles when there is one.
1.14. DMJ TRANSPORT does not guarantee the availability of ablution, charging ports, on-board video and audio material on all coaches.
1.15. Children 12 years and under are not allowed to travel alone, they must be accompanied by an adult, parent or legal guardian. Children under 3 years of age travel for free. Child will need to share seat with their parent or guardian. Only 1 infant per adult allowed to travel for free.
1.16. DMJ TRANSPORT reserves the right to refuse transport of any minor child or major person in its sole discretion and shall not be liable for and is indemnified against any loss or damage occasioned by such refusal.

2. Amendments

2.1. Any amendments to the text, ticket or copy of the ticket will render it invalid. All changes are subject to a replacement/new ticket.

3. Cancellations

3.1. Tickets cancelled 72 hours prior to departure, An admin fee of 25% will be charged.
3.2. The customer is refunded the value of the issued fare less the admin fee.
3.3. Tickets cancelled within 24 hours of departure but 2 hours prior to departure will attract a 50% admin fee.
3.4. Tickets may not be cancelled within 2 hours of departure time.

4. Rescheduling

4.1. This option allows for customers to change the date of the ticket to another day and/or to change the route they are travelling on.
4.2. Equivalent terms apply as per cancellation conditions, i.e. 25% or 50% admin fee.
4.3. The passenger will also be charged the difference in fares (or refunded if cheaper) against the original booking and new booking.
4.4. A passenger who is late for the bus will forfeit his/her ticket and all our tickets are not upgradable. You will have to buy a new ticket for the next available bus.
4.5. Note that tickets are not transferrable and are valid for use only by the persons to whom they are issued and for the date time showed thereon. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to ensure that the correct information is contained on the ticket.

5. Refunds

5.1. Refunds requests have to be sent to or any other channel where the ticket was purchased.
5.2. Remote cancellations and revalidations/re-scheduling will not be permitted, all cancellations and refunds can only be processed through your channel of purchase.

No cash refunds or cancellations will be made at all DMJ TRANSPORT offices, the passengers account number will be requested together with all supporting document proving the account number belongs to the passenger who will receive payment within next 24 to 48 hours.

6. Excess Luggage

6.1. The passenger is permitted to take, free of charge, at their own risk, a total luggage mass of 30kgs.
6.2. Any excess luggage will only be accommodated subject to space. availability and will incur an additional charge of R6,00 per kilogram.
6.3. DMJ Transport has the right to refuse the carriage of luggage that does not comply with conditions.

7. Insurance

7.1. Although DMJ TRANSPORT does not accept liability of any nature whatsoever, limited accent insurance is provided, subject to conditions laid down by the Insurer.
7.2. DMJ TRANSPORT makes all reasonable efforts to keep the scheduled timeframe. Passengers are, however, warned that road, weather and other conditions beyond the reasonable control of DMJ TRANSPORT such as unforeseen breakdowns, may affect the scheduled services.
7.3. DMJ TRANSPORT reserves the right to substitute coaches with vehicles of a different standard and specification to those advertised.
7.4. DMJ TRASPORT reserves the right to connect (interchange) coaches/charters owned or hired by DMJ TRANSPORT on route interchanging points.


All persons entering the DMJ coach/bus and/or property owned by DMJ TRANSPORT or under its control, do so at entirely their own risk and the liability of DMJ TRANSPORT is excluded for any loss or damages (including consequential or special damages or loss of profits), loss of life, bodily injury or damage to or loss of property, or whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, and whether or not caused by any form of negligence on DMJ TRANSPORT, its directors, its management, servants, agents or any other person acting on behalf of DMJ TRANSPORT, arising out of or connected in any way with the conveyance or non-conveyance of by DMJ TRANSPORT of any passengers or any persons and/or the property of any passengers or any persons.
A full copy of our terms and conditions are available from the DMJ TRANSPORT ticket sales offices or visit our website


Click here to view the Terms & Conditions as a PDF document.